SCSI++ allows you to programattically control your SCSI peripherals, such as hard drives, tape drives, CD Recorders, Tape drivers, Zip, Jazz, and Orb drives. Make your SCSI, ATAPI, USB and IEEE 1394 Storage devices really perform. .

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Copy and clone entire drives - including '95 and NT boot drives.  Copy images from other drives, file images or tape backup.  Restore corrupted drives
Benchmark drive and SCSI system performance. Automatically Optimize your drives for best performance. Or, hand tune your drives using performance analysis tools 
Change mode page and cache settings of SCSI Devices to maximize performance or reliability 
Automatically repair defects on SCSI drives
Low level format drives, tapes, and cartridges
Test Drives and generate a QA test report prior to putting them in service.
Securely Wipe Disks clean of sensitive inforDetect impending failures,  using S.M.A.R.T. technology, or for older drives, an extensive test suite
Securely Wipe Disks clean of sensitive information
Update Device Firmware from Windows
Securely Wipe Disks clean of sensitive information