Our Mission

Micro-Magic specializes in software engineering.   Micro-Magic has been in business since 1983. Over the years we have evolved as the industry have changed.  We were once a commercial software product company, but now we are primarily a enterprise consulting and development company specializing in java, camel, spring and other leading edge technologies. 

We developed and marketed SCSI-Mechanic   We sold and supported an Object Oriented SCSI SDK called SCSI++.  SCSI was overtaken by ATA and those products have been retired.  Here is the link to the Legacy Products Page  If you wish to purchase you can send an email to sales  

We also provide software design and development services as a contractor 

Micro-Magic also provides free software to help developers and IT professionals. We offer gratis to the public:

Driver Manager, Environment Manager, Java based Log Viewer, Search Tool